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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big little clobering girls

This morning I took my little sister Camelia to her soccer game. The other team was so agressive. They were more than agressive.... they were brutal. At least four of our girls got hurt, my sister being one of them. Two of our girls couldn't even play any more and we had to stop the game because we were already down one player becasue our team only has one sub and two girls weren't there. The other team had their arms in the air and had no sanctions about using them to knock our players out of the way. The refs did not call any of the penalties. They were just two teenage boys probably younger than me and they clearly didn't know that they were supposed to call a foul when soemone pushes another girl down. One of our girls is rotund. One girl on the other team called her a "fat egg." Ok maybe you could expect this from an overly aggressive girls highschool team. It would still be innapropriate but more understandable. Well these girls are nine and ten. Who are these girls that can be so brutal at such a young age. They are still just normal people but gosh. My poor sister cried on the way home not only because of her twisted ancle another girl stepped on but also because of the mean words and hatred she felt eminating from the other team. She went out there to play a game for fun and was confronted with hatred you could find on a battle field.